Signpost Audio specializing in one to one musical education, audio post-production and musical services. Our boutique and friendly approach to music and audio means all our clientele are given 110% no matter the project budget or experience level.

We believe in creative work and building things that are cool. So if it’s a unique live performance set-up, traditional music services such as mixing, mastering, recording or sound design, a score for your indie film project, audio for your next application or podcast or a personalized learning program to develop your creative skills

We are the people to talk too.

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Learn from Working Professionals

Unleash your creativity with our custom 1 on 1 production classes. We know everyone is different and we treat you as such. Our custom programs focus on your goals and develop real skills.

Our student range from the complete beginner to working professional looking to improve their craft. Classes range from Music Theory, Song Analysis, In-depth Sound design, Ableton live performance, Mixing, Mastering, Vocal recording, Synthesis, Editing and much, much more.

Track Writing / Music Production

We can take your demo and build out a song in the style you like. Perhaps you have the vision for a track but you need a specialist to really turn your idea into reality.

We can involve as much or as little as you like in the production process. Why not focus on your stage craft, shows, song writing and other important details when we can take care of the nitty gritty.

Mixing / Mastering

Have a track but just can’t get the bass to sit right? Our mixing/mastering services can build on your rough mix to give it a professional polish and have the track sitting where it belongs on your favorite spotify playlist

Post Production

Music is not the only audio in town. Our post-production services help your project go to the next level. We offer a range of podcast, digital media, indie film, app development and advertising audio and music-related solutions for your business.

Not sure what you need? We can provide consultation about how to get the best result for your budget and timeline.

Custom Projects

Have something totally out of the box? We got you.

Want to ingrate visual to your mobile dj services? Build an interactive audio system for your next presentations? Develop a plugin? Custom audio to fit your next theatre performance?

We got you.

Signpost Audio